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A Washington state man came up with a simple way he and his neighbors could show support for police officers — and he never realized it would spread across the country — and an ocean.

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Andy Audette found a roll of blue tape in his garage and turned a strip of it into a “thin blue line” across the back windshield of his truck. He shared the idea on a community Facebook page in Maple Valley, thinking some of his neighbors might join in.

Since then, the simple gesture, based on a 1960s documentary film, “Thin Blue Line” about the struggles officers face every day, is gaining a worldwide following.

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“I knew it would take off in Maple Valley,” he said. “I didn’t think it would get much bigger than Maple Valley. When I started getting pictures from Tennessee, Florida, Hawaii, and Australia, that’s when I got pretty excited. That’s when I knew it moved pretty quickly.”

(WATCH the video at KING News) — Photo: KING News

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