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The world could learn a lot from this special education teacher in Florida.

He doesn’t start his lessons until he has complimented every student in his class — one at a time, with a high five as an exclamation point.

It’s part special education teacher Chris Ulmer’s unique way of boosting performance for kids with special needs. He spends the first 10 minutes of class telling each student what he likes about them.

He also uses videos and music to help his kids learn at Mainspring Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

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One of his songs teaches that they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help finding books — or their courage.

“When it’s dark and scary, just grab your uncle Larry and ask for a little help,” one of his students sings as Ulmer strums away on a guitar.

He posts his videos to the “Special Books by Special Kids” Facebook page he started along with his students to teach everyone outside his classroom about the great kids found within.

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“These children deserve to be heard, loved and appreciated,” Ulmer wrote in a post about one of his videos that has been viewed 36 million times. “The world needs to understand that in many ways, the children have it right. We need to learn from them.”

(WATCH the video below from Inside Edition) — Photo: Special Books by Special Kids, Facebook

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