Kasey Simmons was in the check out line at his local Kroger in Little Elm, Texas when he noticed that the woman placing her items on the conveyor belt in front of him looked like she’d been crying.

Dismayed by the idea of someone having a bad day, Kasey stopped the woman before she could pull out her credit card and said that the $17 grocery bill was on him.

Furthermore, Kasey wrote down his email and phone number for the lady and explained that he was a waiter at the Applebee’s restaurant down the street. If she ever wanted someone to talk to, she could come in before his closing shift ended at 2AM and he would buy her a coffee or dessert.

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The next evening, a customer bought nothing but a $0.37 water – but included on their receipt was a $500 tip.

Beside the bill was a note written on a napkin explaining that the hefty gratuity was courtesy of the Sullivan family who’s mother was the woman in the grocery store.

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“On behalf of the Sullivan family, I want to thank you for being the person you are. On one of the most depressing days of the year, (the death of my father, 3 year anniversary) you made my mother’s day wonderful. She has been smiling since you did what you did. Her grocery was only $17.00, and you insisted on paying and told her she was a very beautiful woman.”

Kasey, who had lost his 2-month-old daughter just three years previously, understood the family’s grief perfectly.

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