If you have ever had a package stolen off of your front porch, then you’re familiar with the feeling of “violation” that Mark Rober experienced last summer.

The Ex-NASA engineer was annoyed to discover that some local thieves had stolen a package off of his property. Even after taking security footage of the incident to the police, law enforcement said that the theft was “not worth looking into.”

Rober says that in addition to the theft making him feel violated, his inability to take action against the robbers also made him feel “powerless”.

Instead of allowing the package thieves to go unpunished, however, he decided to have a little fun and design a trap for the next robber who tried to steal someone else’s stuff.

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Rober then created an ingenious little contraption that resembled an Apple HomePod delivery – except once the pilferers removed the exterior of the packaging, the motion detonated a “glitter bomb”.

The contraption was fitted with a fan mechanism that sprayed a stash of the world’s finest glitter around the radius of the package. On top of that, Rober added a gadget that expelled several spritzes of noxious “fart spray”.

Finally, he fitted the package with several cameras and GPS-tracking so he could film the reactions of the thieves and recover the contraption once they threw it out of their cars in disgust.

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Rober left the package on his porch and waited. As an added touch of genius, he even attached a shipping label to the front of the box that was addressed to Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone movies – his inspiration for the scheme.

The package was then stolen by three different people – and results are particularly satisfying.

(WATCH the video below) – Photo by Mark Rober

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