Needham explained that she had started using a bike-sharing service for $15 a month – but she was mostly just grateful that the woman had offered to help. The woman gave her a hug and left, leaving Needham in high spirits.

Moments after the woman left, an art dealer named Steve Powers rang the buzzer.

“Is this your sign?” he asked. “I passed it on the way to my studio, and took a picture, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I should do something.”

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Needham thanked him for his kindness and said that after she had been given a teenager’s mountain bike and a hug from a stranger, she was mostly just glad that people were being so nice.

“Well, I posted a picture on Instagram, and a few of us started talking, and I was wondering if I could buy the sign off of you for …” he pointed to the lettering on the sign “ … for $200?”

True to his word, the art dealer bought the sign off of Needham for $200.

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Not only that, but his Instagram post had caused quite a global stir on social media. So as a means of paying forward all of the generosity she had received, Needham went to a local bike repair store and asked the owner if she could help get the teenager-sized mountain bike fixed up for a new home.

Any Brooklyn resident who would like to be the proud new owner of the #KarmaCycle simply has to contact the Court Cycles bicycle shop on social media with a story about a good deed or act of kindness that they may have recently performed for a chance to win the renovated bike.

“It’s just a regular department store kid’s bike—but I figure someone out there can use it more than I can,” says Needham.

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