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Hayden Trigg only wanted what a lot of other seven-year-old boys dream of — a tree house. His dream would have seemed an impossible uphill climb to anyone confined in a wheelchair, but Hayden, it turns out, has friends in high places.

Born with both spina bifida and cerebral palsy, it has been difficult keeping pace with friends and siblings when they play outside.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation found a way around Hayden’s barriers. It contacted nearby Austin Tree Houses to build “the best treehouse ever” for the Texas boy. Their accessibility plans included wide spaces and ramps connecting two, 200-year-old oak trees in the Trigg family’s back yard.

Hayden invited his entire first grade class over for the ribbon cutting and an afternoon exploring his new treehouse.

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“It was the best day of his life,” Hayden’s mom, Adrienne Trigg, told ABC News “His wish was to share it with his friends. He’s got to be the most popular kid in school right now.”

(WATCH the video below from ABC News) — Photos: Make-A-Wish and Austin Tree Houses, Facebook


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