This man hopes that his ‘free hugs’ tour will help put an end to violence in America, by building a bond between police and the millions who watch his entertaining videos.

Ken Nwadike, started his “Free Hugs Project” at the Boston Marathon, holding a sign that offered free hugs to cheer on the runners.

Since then, he’s shown up at political rallies, and in the video above, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio last week. Some of the officers and pedestrians he targeted for hugs there had seen one of the dozens of videos from his trips around the country posted to his YouTube and Facebook channels.

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“The way you find peace is you spread love,” Nwadike says in the video above. “That love touches people’s hearts.”

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free hugs project with policeman-youtube

Police are also trying to touch people’s hearts with kindness, after the recent spate of shootings involving cops and minorities. Whether it’s dancing at a cookout with Black Lives Matter supporters, or shooting some hoops with neighborhood kids.

In Sanford, Florida, police are reaching out to the black community with surprise gifts of new basketball hoops. The department’s Facebook page features videos of officers delivering new balls and backboards to families—and sticking around to shoot a few hoops.

The video below shows the Sanford force is working in a few dance moves with children while patrolling their beat in black communities. Check this one out…

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