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A small Missouri town has a new firehouse built to last generations, thanks to a humble Powerball lottery winner who wanted to give back to his community.

Mark and Cindy Hill won a $293 million jackpot in 2012, and have been quietly giving to local causes ever since. But their most generous gift yet could not be kept secret for long—they built a new fire station in Camden Point to thank local firefighters for twice saving the life of Mark’s father.

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Mark worked with architects, contractors, and members of the local volunteer fire department to get everything just right. The new station was built to be bigger than needed so it could expand as the community grows for decades to come.

The building features training rooms, large bays for fire trucks and the local ambulance, radiant heating in the floors, and is wired for maximum energy efficiency. It’s built from reinforced concrete to last into the next century.

The department plans to formally dedicate the building on July 16, and invite all 500 residents of the little town to the celebration.

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Mark doesn’t want people making a fuss over his family’s gift, saying it’s just their way of giving back to their neighbors.

“You know what? If my wife and I could have built this without anybody knowing that her and I were building it, that’s exactly what we would have done,” he told KMBC News.

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