Teen Hospital Gowns released Ward Robes

It’s bad enough for teens to be stuck in the hospital instead of hanging out with friends, but to be seen in a drab, and overly baggy gown might deliver the ultimate humiliation. Thanks to these stylish creations, a cure for their fashion blues comes straight from the red carpet.

A partnership with top designers and artists is the key to The Ward+Robe initiative which creates fashion forward gowns for young people recuperating or receiving treatment in a hospital.

Clothes can mean so much to a teenager’s identity — what they wear is a way of expressing who they are. Hospital gowns can strip that individuality from a patient trying to heal from a disease or injury, when they are in most need of confidence.

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The nonprofit Starlight Children’s Foundation in Canada created the Ward + Robes project, to stitch together designers who’ve worked for Hollywood stars and even tattoo artists to create one-of-a-kind gowns for teens.

Some of their designs look more like heavy metal rock band t-shirts and retro flower-power tunics than hospital gowns.

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“I hope when someone puts this gown on, I hope they feel like they’re stepping into their power.”
said India Amara, one of the designers, in the video below.

(WATCH the video below from Ward + Robes)

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