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When Keanu Reeves Sees Sweet Fan Sign Posted in a Yard, He Hops Out of the Car to Leave His Autograph

Keanu Reeves fans are gushing over this most recent story of the actor's kindness in action after he jumped out of a car to autograph a fan's sign.

This Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Keanu Reeves Voicing New Toy Story Character is Bound to Make You Smile

This new footage of Keanu Reeves breathing life into his new “Toy Story 4” role is the most charming thing to hit the internet this week.

Fans Break into Keanu Reeves Property–But Instead of Calling Cops, He Invites Them in for Beer

Chris Johnston's reckless actions from 1990 may not have been the wisest, but it has resulted in yet another sweet story about the kindness of Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves Has Been a Secret Charity Badass for Years

Keanu Reeves has gone undercover as a hero. For 15 years, in fact, he’s been ‘The One’ — playing in a blockbuster charity role for...

Cuando Keanu Reeve ve un Adorable Cartel Puesto en un Jardín, se Baja del Auto Para Dejar su Autógrafo

So yesterday this sign was out on a lawn on the way to set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did this.—...

More Keanu Kindness: Actor Delights Passengers After Plane Makes Emergency Landing (GNN Podcast)

Keanu Reeves became the perfect travel companion when a plane was forced to land 2 hours away from its destination with dozens of passengers...

Another Story of Keanu Kindness: Actor Delights Passengers After Plane Makes Emergency Landing

LISTEN to this cool story on the radio below from The Good News Guru (our GNN founder), or READ the FULL story below… Dozens of airline passengers were left stranded at...

Despite Living in the Digital Age, Kids Are Still Playing With Their Parents’ Favorite Childhood Toys

Toy Story 4, which opened in theaters this June, became the biggest box office animated film blockbuster yet—and it’s no wonder, with beloved toys...

Good News in History September 2

Happy Labor Day! Today marks the 125th Labor Day, celebrated annually as a federal public holiday in the United States. On the first Monday...

Good News in History, July 22

Happy 79th Birthday to Alex Trebek, the beloved Canadian-American TV host of Jeopardy. Born in Sudbury, Ontario, he earned a university degree in philosophy,...

Benedict Cumberbatch Runs to Save Cyclist Being Attacked by Four Men

Ironically, the rescue took place right around the corner from Baker Street.

When Spectator is in Trouble, Ken Jeong Jumps Off Stage to Help, and Then Finishes His Set

If you are ever having medical difficulties during a comedy set, we hope that you happen to be at Ken Jeong's show.

Star-Studded ‘Hilarity for Charity’ Comedy Special to Benefit Alzheimer’s on Netflix This Week

The variety show will feature some of Hollywood's biggest names – from Jeff Goldblum to Seth Rogen and the Muppets.

Every Single Public School Teacher Got What They Requested Online, Thanks to Cryptocurrency Company

Thanks to a generous California-based company, teachers all over the country will be receiving exactly what they’ve been asking for. Donors Choose is a nonprofit...

‘Humans of New York’ Makes History Raising $1Mil in 4 Days to Build Housing For Rohingya Refugees

The page has become one of the fastest campaigns in GoFundMe history to raise over $1 million for a cause.

9 Leaders Reveal What Their Biggest Doubters Told Them — and We’re Glad They Ignored it

These 9 celebrities are some of the greatest artists and innovators of our time – and they have faced some harsh words of rejection in order to get where they are now.

Watch Drake Surprise College Student With $50K Tuition After He Reads Her Essay

Drake surprised hundreds of Florida students this week – but most of all, he wanted to surprise Destiny James for all of her hard work.

Every Friday Morning, Listen to Our New Weekly Radio Gig: The Good News Guru!

I've got some awesome news from our GNN west coast office... We've partnered with a super-cool morning host in L.A. to produce a new radio...

Stephen Hawking, Paul Rudd Play Quantum Chess (Hilarious Video)

The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Ant Man actor and comedian Paul Rudd plays quantum chess against physicist Stephen Hawking...

Alone on Saturday Night? Watch One of These 14 Great Romantic Comedies

All my favorite romantic comedy films have two things in common. They conclude with a happy ending (exactly what you'd expect from a Good News...