Kind Shopper Lester Brown-Sabrina Drude

Devoted seventh grade teacher Sabrina Drude was given a lesson in kindness from a total stranger.

While Lester Brown was standing in line behind Sabrina at the Walmart cash register, he remarked on the educator’s abundance of notebooks, markers, and pencils – why so many school supplies if she didn’t have any children with her?

Sabrina explained that she taught in a very low socioeconomic area of San Antonio, Texas where many of her students couldn’t afford the basics like their peers could.

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That’s why, at the start of every school year, Drude would fill the need for her kids and buy extra classroom supplies.

Moved by Sabrina’s compassion, Lester offered to pick up her $100 tab.

Even though she refused, Lester stepped between her and the cashier, telling her to put her money away because “teachers don’t get the recognition that they deserve.”

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With tears in her eyes, Sabrina thanked the stranger profusely before inviting him to her classroom’s pizza party at the Francis Scrobee Middle School so he could serve as an inspiration for her students, as he had for her.

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