Three teenage boys pushed the term ‘Good Samaritan’ into a whole new stratosphere with an amazing act of kindness last week.

A little after midnight, Aeron McQuillin, Bailey Campbell, and Billy Tarbett were on their way to Tim Horton’s coffee shop after a swim when they noticed steam billowing from under the hood of a car stopped along Highway 20 in Fonthill, Ontario.

The boys, all car enthusiasts, pulled over to lend a hand. After looking under the hood, they told the driver that it probably needed a new engine and advised against starting the motor. The woman was visibly upset and said she couldn’t afford a tow.

That’s when Billy suggested they push the car to the woman’s home in Welland.

“We had nothing better to do—but even if we did I would like to think we would have helped her anyway,” the 15-year-old said.

The teens grabbed their water bottles and pushed the Chevy Cobalt up a hill, and continued for more than two hours along the dark Merritville Highway, laughing, joking, and appreciating the great ‘workout’.

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“We were helping her, but also she was helping us,” the optimistic Tarbett was quoted as saying by news reports.

Another stranger, Niagara Falls resident Dan Morrison, decided to drive along behind the trio to keep them safe—he turned on his flashers and totally went into “Dad mode”.

The cooperative rescue mission, which covered over 4 miles (7 km) finally ended at four in the morning.

“We were at the right place at the right time, and this is one of those stories that we can look back on in 10 years and say it was one of those crazy things we did, but it was all worth it,” said 18-year-old Aeron McQuillin told The Niagra Falls Review.

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Dan posted about it on social media with a photo of the superheros, and their phones began “blowing up” with messages from people they’d never met. Some offered a free meal or Tim Horton’s gift card.

Billy Tabett, Bailey Campbell, and Aeron McQuillin –by Dan Morrison

But the boys were taking none of it.

“We really appreciate it, but we didn’t do this to get free handouts,” said McQuillin, 18, who grew up in the same neighborhood with his two buddies. “If I was broken down on the side of the road, I would love for someone to stop and help out.”

Morrison, a father of two, said this was a great reminder that in a seemingly-negative world, “There’s good kids out there.”

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