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‘Groundbreaking’ Type 1 Diabetes Drug Has Just Been Trialed on First Human Patients–With No Side Effects

The research facility is now looking for more adult patients to participate in the treatment.

26 Years of Research Shows Cardiovascular Health in Dairy Lovers is Not Aversely Affected by Choosing Cheese

Contrary to what the average dietary guidelines say about fromage, these new studies all show that cheese is much better for you than you might think.

Walmart Employee Gets On the Floor to Support Woman After She Passes Out

The worker, who has been identified only as Jason, did not hesitate to help the stranger after she was recovering in a Walmart last month.

9/11 Newsletter and Podcast Highlights Inspiring Good News That Sprang Up in Wake of Attacks

All who are old enough to remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001 might not recall with equal vividness the inspiring outbreak of helpfulness...

James Patterson Donates Heaps of Cash to School Classrooms—and Now He’s Donating $2Mil More

The best-selling novelist hopes that his donations will help encourage American students to fall in love with reading the same way that he did.

In ‘World First’, Beer Company Ditches Plastic 6-Pack Rings for Glue

The initiative is projected to save hundreds of tons of plastic waste from ending up in landfills every year.

When 92-year-old Woman Orders Food Straight From Delivery Guy, He Obliges and Helps Her Out

This young man is a perfect example of how we can be more patient with our elders.

Baggage Handlers at Airport Where Freddie Mercury Once Worked Honor Him With Special Birthday Performance

It was the late singer's 72nd birthday this week, so his fellow baggage handlers decided to honor his special day with a special performance.

Internet Finds Out ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Actress Needs Help, Fans Flock to Support Her

Dawn Wells has fallen on hard times over the course of the last decade – but her fans are determined to lend a hand as a thank you for her televised joy.

Study Shows Patients Will Recover More Quickly When the Doctor Uses Different Words

This new study shows just how helpful an encouraging doctor can be for your recovery and health.

Homeless Man Protects Stolen Bike After Angry-worded Poster Shamed Thief into Returning It

Shannon Loys had expressed her frustration over someone stealing her husband's specially-modified bike – but her frustration actually helped return it.

Watch Stevie Wonder Perform Heartfelt Farewell Tribute at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

During a funeral that was only fit for a Queen, Stevie Wonder ensured that Aretha Franklin was given a proper farewall for her service.

Scientists Have Developed a ‘Breakthrough’ That May Defeat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The breakthrough could bring dozen of old medications back into the game.

Policeman Moved by Plea for Parenthood Adopts Baby of Drug-Addicted Homeless Woman

When a distressed homeless woman asked him to adopt her newborn daughter, this compassionate cop did not hesitate to oblige.

We May Soon Be Able to Melt Down Plastic Waste into Fuel for Hydrogen Cars

Because the plastics don't need to be cleaned, the process would be cheaper than recycling, too.

In ‘World First’, Ultra-Cheap Printable Solar Panels Are Launched in Australia

The revolutionary technology means that signing up for an energy plan could be as simple as signing up for a new phone plan.

Teacher Goes Above and Beyond to Help Teen Mom Years After Having Her in Class

This Chicago teacher did not hesitate to help a former student after she received a message at 3 in the morning last week.

Muslims in Town Adopt a Sacred Hindu Tenet So They Won’t Hurt the Feelings of Their Religious Neighbors

The Muslim residents of this district are not forced to abstain from their practice, rather they choose to do it out of respect for their Hindu neighbors.

Beer Deliveryman Prevents Suicide on a Bridge By Offering a Cold One—While Channeling Denzel Washington

After channeling his inner Denzel Washington, a beer deliverman finally succeeded in talking down a suicidal man when he cracked open a cold one.

Opioid Crisis Breakthrough: Non-Addictive Painkiller Found Effective

This medical breakthrough could make a huge difference for the opioid crisis in America.