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Back Pain May Soon Be a Thing of the Past After Scientists Successfully Implant Lab-Grown Spinal Discs

For the first time ever, scientists have successfully implanted spinal discs grown from stem cells – and their research had exciting results.

Drug That Can Stop a Dozen ‘Untreatable’ Cancers Gets Approval—And Company Vows to Help Every Patient Afford It

The groundbreaking drug had a 75% overall success rate in adult and pediatric patients displaying a variety of untreatable cancers.

Man Saves a Child’s Life After He Saw a Woman He Liked in the Bone Marrow Donor Queue

Not only did Billy Higgins discover he was a match for a sick 10-year-old boy, he also discovered his romantic match standing in line to be a donor.

Watch NASA Scientists’ Emotional Reaction to Successfully Landing Robot on Surface of Mars

The researchers had to orchestrate their robot's landing sequence after it hit the Martian atmosphere going 12,300 miles per hour – and they succeeded.

Fearless Uber Driver Stops Mid-Trip to Scoop Up Injured Hawk and Save It From the Highway

Despite the obvious risk of handling a taloned bird, this courageous Uber driver could not bear to leave an injured hawk on the side of the road.

After Years of Research, Scientists Finally Develop Army-Ready Pizza That Can Cheer Hungry Soldiers in the Field

Pizza may not seem like the most pressing problem for soldiers in the field, but it makes a huge difference for the ones eating it overseas.

When Stranger Finds Lost Wallet on Airplane, He Returns It to Owner With Even More Cash Inside

This compassionate stranger could have just returned the lost wallet, but he says that he wanted to “have a little fun” instead.

Engineers Fly First-Ever Plane With No Moving Parts – and It Was Inspired By ‘Star Trek’

The development could lead to a whole new form of silent, sustainable air travel in the future.

Customers Line Up On Black Friday to Buy Gifts for Refugees From Special Pop-Up Store

Instead of spending their money on electrics or new clothes, these customers are waiting to buy resources and gifts for refugees.

Taxi Driver Saves His Marriage By Inventing Anti-Snore Pillow That He Dreamt Up in His Sleep

Phil Moore's wife couldn't handle his snoring any longer – but thankfully, he dreamt up the perfect business idea to save the day.

Company Founder Surprises Employees With $20 Million: ‘I wanted to show some gratitude’

This company founder wanted to show his employees some love for the holiday season by dolling out some serious cash.

GNN Founder Talks About Her New Book of Good News in Thanksgiving Day Video

A Thanksgiving Day message from GNN Founder, Geri Weis-Corbley: We have a new book coming out—a collection of 28 of the most inspiring stories published...

Inmates Write Heartfelt Letter to Police Department Offering Condolences for Slain Officer

The police station has received an overwhelming amount of support since the officer's death, but they were especially touched by this emotional letter.

Scientists Can Now Regenerate and Implant Any Injured Organ Without the Body Rejecting It

“We can [regenerate anything] ... a heart after a heart attack, a brain after trauma or with Parkinson's disease, a spinal cord after injury.”

Watch Bus Driver Offer Comfort and Resources to Homeless Passenger Escaping the Cold

This is not the first time that Natalie Barnes has helped her passengers – but her kindness recently helped a homeless man into housing.

Woman Praises Kind-Hearted Police Officer for Helping Her Get ‘Hamilton’ Tickets in Her Time of Need

Police officers are not generally praised for their hand in delivering tickets, but Officer Dicandia is definitely the exception.

In Largest Ever Donation to US College, $1.8 Billion is Donated for Low-Income Students

The financial contribution will ensure that – starting in 2019 – Johns Hopkins will “permanently” be a loan-free institution.

Squirrel Rescued From Roadside Now Hides Nuts in His Human’s Hair as He Prepares for Winter

When Horatio the squirrel refused to leave Mandy McKenna's house, he went ahead and made himself at home by doing what squirrels do best.

New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows Life-Saving Potential – and It Could Be Available as Soon as 2019

In what is being hailed as a historic new breakthrough in allergy treatment, this new study shows the “life-saving” efficacy of a peanut allergy drug.

Viral Video of Street-Vending Boy Speaking Multiple Languages Lands Him and His Siblings Free Tuition

This linguistic whiz kid is now reaping the rewards of his stunning ability to speak in at least 12 different languages.